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When Christians Judge Others

Being a human, one of the most difficult challenges I have is not judging others.  This no doubt comes in part from a common character flaw most of us humans have in believing that me, myself and I are better … Continue reading

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The Implausibility of Climate Change

I’ve not studied this topic as a scientist would, so I rather doubt my opinion will carry much weight with many, but this business of climate change seems rather implausible to me. There are a number of issues that rarely … Continue reading

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Creationism, Materialism, Piety and Arrogance

In a previous post, I wrote a bit about my opinions on human arrogance (An Arrogant Bent).  I was generally referring to any person who feels a sense of superiority and self-importance over others, which many of us may have … Continue reading

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What Is A "True" Christian?

Lately, I keep hearing the term “true Christian” used by both Christians and non-Christians alike.  People from both sides apparently have an idea of what they think a Christian should be and whether or not that person is meeting up … Continue reading

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Moral Absolutes

Where do you believe a person’s moral compass originates? Is it a product of genetics, something passed down the family tree, or is it defined by a person’s environment? At one time, I believed it was probably a combination of … Continue reading

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Common Hypocrisy

One common complaint about Christianity is that Christians are often hypocritical. A recent Barna survey of Christians seems to support that assessment. This gives the impression that Christians more often than not don’t practice what they preach. This makes me … Continue reading

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An “A Priori” Impasse

Have you ever found yourself at an impasse when facing an important decision in life? I certainly have and I’m fairly certain most of us have as well. The more important the issue is, the more we want to examine … Continue reading

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Appropriate Discredit

I’m a big believer in giving credit where credit is due. I think it is important to recognize good works, selfless efforts and honorable intentions and to build one another up with appropriate encouragement. I’m not a believer in discrediting … Continue reading

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