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The Implausibility of Climate Change

I’ve not studied this topic as a scientist would, so I rather doubt my opinion will carry much weight with many, but this business of climate change seems rather implausible to me. There are a number of issues that rarely … Continue reading

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Lecture Without Conjecture

American students are being dealt cards from a stacked deck. In classrooms across our nation, science and faith are almost never allowed equal footing.  Whenever there is no solid physical evidence to settle an opposing viewpoint, students are taught that … Continue reading

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Religion, Faith and Intelligent Design

How do you define “religion”?  It appears that, in general, the world defines religion as believing in one or more superhuman beings generally referred to as gods.  I believe that religion is more an instruction set on what to believe … Continue reading

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What Is A "True" Christian?

Lately, I keep hearing the term “true Christian” used by both Christians and non-Christians alike.  People from both sides apparently have an idea of what they think a Christian should be and whether or not that person is meeting up … Continue reading

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A Christian Founded Nation

Regardless of what some people in our country think our nation is with respect to our belief in God or what some may feel about “separation of church and state” and the original intent of our founding framework, many of … Continue reading

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