About This Blog

This blog is about what I consider to be clear evidence of God in the universe we live in. The roots of my belief in God began in my childhood, but as an adult my convictions about God began with a personal pursuit of facts that would either support or deny His existence. I started this pursuit many years ago with a somewhat skeptical position, but have found that at every juncture where my skepticism was most profound, I was led to evidence that clearly supported the existence of a loving and benevolent God who was and is very active in my life.

I’m not a scientist, nor do I have a degree in philosophy. I don’t have any special training or certification on these topics. But like many others, I am a reasonably intelligent human being with the ability to read and think and as such my opinions and beliefs have some merit.

I do not believe that I need to have a degree of any sort to discern the obvious in the world around me. If the air around me is full of smoke, I don’t necessarily need to know what particles are in it to know that I should not breath it. I believe that God makes his existence known in rather obvious ways, and that anyone can clearly see evidence of Him.

In addition, I do not believe that as a Christian I am “bamboozled” (as Carl Sagan once put it) by my faith. I believe that science is the beginning of the understanding of God, not that science and God are mutually exclusive. My opinion is that whether our interest in God is very basic or whether we are very skeptical and are demanding proof, God gives us the means by which we can see evidence of Him… if we are willing to do so.

Please feel free to comment on any page or post within. I will do my best to moderate and publish all commentary from all perspectives, but I will not publish commentary that appears belligerent, hostile or blatantly dismissive toward any perspective, either. I want this blog to be a place for rational and respectful discussion.

Thank you for visiting this blog!

Doyle McDonald


5 Responses to About This Blog

  1. You might consider adjusting the title to “One Christian’s perspective. . .” I know many Christians who have variant views to what you present. Just a suggestion.


  2. Doyle says:

    As this is my “About…” page, my intentions naturally were to give some information about myself regarding what I blog about and a bit about why. It was never my intention here (nor elsewhere) to attempt to speak for all Christianity. Please help me understand where you feel I crossed over on this page from stating what is about me to where I project my perspective onto others.


  3. Kind greetings Doyle… thanks for a blog that stands for the word of God!

    brother malachi


  4. Beverly Raby says:

    Hi my Brother, you said something in one of ot conversation, that was profound. I mention I wanted to address people I meet and witness to them, but I shy away
    You mention,in conversation, how the Holy Spirit will advise when it is the person I need to witness. That was God speaking thru you to how I should aproach anyone. It took away my aniexty. So let the Holy Spirit reveal when and whom. That was the confirmation I needed. Contimue being obedient to God. I see the Gift of Discerment in you. Thanks. Love and Miss you and My Sister, your wife. Love you both


    • Bev – Thank you so much for your kind words. You are so encouraging! I know how you feel… sometimes you want to jump ahead in joy and share your love of Christ with others, but you are not sure if the time/place/situation is right. I saw a chuch sign once that really stuck with me. It said “Share the Gospel. Use words if necessary.” I love that counsel, knowing that we must first be Christ to others if we wish to tell them about how much He means to us. Words without actions don’t have the same impact as action without words. God bless you, Sister!


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