Not By Chance

If you emptied a bag of Scrabble tiles on a Scrabble playing board, scrabble would you expect the tiles to fall into place by themselves and form words that made sense, that were eligible according to the rules and that were gamely competitive?  No, you wouldn’t because you know that playing the game of Scrabble requires strategy, and strategy involves examination, analysis and planning.

Relatively recent scientific study of our universe has determined that our universe is extremely delicately balanced.  It’s like an enormous “mobile” that requires a tremendous amount of precision on each node in order to keep things from falling lopsided and colliding into one another, and all the while maintaining its multiformity.

The likelihood that our universe just happened to settle into such an incredible balance on its own by pure chance is about as fantastic as the Scrabble tiles falling into place by themselves.  It seems to me that any rational mind would have no choice but to conclude that this did NOT happen by chance.

William Lane Craig comments on this balance…

the above is a special feature video from “The Privileged Planet” DVD

Someone once said that if you sat a million monkeys at a million typewriters for a million years, one of them would eventually type out all of Hamlet by chance. But when we find the text of Hamlet, we don’t wonder whether it came from chance and monkeys. Why then does the atheist use that incredibly improbable explanation for the universe? Clearly, because it is his only chance of remaining an atheist. At this point we need a psychological explanation of the atheist rather than a logical explanation of the universe. –  Peter Kreeft

Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing and delicately balanced to provide exactly the conditions required to support life. In the absence of an absurdly-improbable accident, the observations of modern science seem to suggest an underlying, one might say, supernatural plan. – Arno Penzias

We are, by astronomical standards, a pampered, cosseted, cherished group of creatures. If the universe had not been made with the most exacting precision we could never have come into existence. It is my view that these circumstances indicate the universe was created for man to live in. – John O’Keefe

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