Moral Absolutes

Where do you believe a person’s moral compass originates? Is it a product of genetics, something passed down the family tree, or is it defined by a person’s environment? At one time, I believed it was probably a combination of both.

Whatever shapes an individual’s moral compass personally, the concepts of right and wrong began somewhere for mankind in general. In my opinion, this could not have started as a result of naturalistic evolution. Survival of the fittest has no place for right and wrong; it only understands survival by any means, and never a conscious thought toward how an action might affect others.

While most of the animal kingdom falls into this category, human beings do not. A parent animal might hover, defend and protect their brood, but that behavior is instinctive and not rooted in love. And while animals will instinctively defend their offspring, some will also at times cull their litter and remove a runt if their instincts tell them that by doing this the remaining offspring will have an improved chance for survival.

A human parent will also defend and protect their children, but you will never likely see a parent that is willing to sacrifice a weakly child so that their other children would survive. The human parent is loath to ever consider making such a choice. I believe that this sense of right and wrong has its origin in love. Love is not a natural attribute of mankind nor of anything in the animal kingdom. But love does exist, and it came from somewhere. It logically follows that love has always existed and was taught to mankind. And because our sense of right and wrong (our moral compass) is a product of love, I believe that which defines right and wrong is our God.

God loved us so much he gave us His definition of right and wrong for our benefit. These definitions are in written in his word – the Bible. He also loved us so much that he came to earth in human form in His Son so that we could relate to Him and understand his Word from a human perspective.  He demonstrated this profound love for us by making the ultimate sacrifice for us, even though we did nothing to deserve it.

So, it is my belief that there could be no other possible source for our moral compass than God himself. I believe that God is omniscient and incapable of error. Therefore, as God’s essence is immutable, so too are his definitions of right and wrong. That is why I believe in moral absolutes.

The above is an excerpt from “TrueU: Does God Exist” DVD series

Below, William Lane Craig comments on a practical reality of moral absolutes.

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