Spinning a Web

How many times have you unsuspectingly walked right into a spiderspider web? In my life, I’ve probably done this a hundred times. And that’s how a spider web is supposed to work; the unsuspecting don’t see the trap laid because it’s rather undetectable when you are not really watching for it. So, you walk right into it. Or fly right into it, if you are the intended dupe. Fortunately, we are not the size of a fly, so we escape rather unblemished, if not at least perturbed by our oversight.

I think we “walk right into” other things as well. In this scheming world, many other traps are laid before us that, like the spider web, are designed to catch us up in something that we didn’t see coming. Financial scams are probably the most prevalent of this kind as many of the “spiders” that lay them are intent on their personal gain at your cost. Of course, not all schemers are after our money… some are after more important things, like ours and our children’s worldview.

Recently, I came across the following in an article by Will Weissert entitled “Evolution Edits Unlikely in Texas Science Books” from a Dallas NBC affiliate. In this, he writes:

Textbook and classroom curriculum battles have long raged in Texas pitting creationists – those who see God’s hand in the creation of the universe – against academics who worry about religious and political ideology trumping scientific fact.

The author’s verbiage really bothered me. Being a Christian, I immediately noticed a number of assumptions and implications that seemed to leap from the page. I’ll enumerate.

  1. Creationists are not academics, and academics (smart people) do not believe in God
  2. “Religion” is not factual
  3. “Political ideology” (those not in agreement with the “academics”) is not factual
  4. “Religion” and “Political ideology” go hand in hand; they are inseparable
  5. Academics either don’t have political ideologies, or are not swayed by them
  6. That which constitutes scientific fact is given, and apparently defined by academics

It appears to me that this author is playing a game of ideological trickery. He unfairly pits a creationist worldview against science by way of subtle word tactics, attempting to convince that one is in direct contrast to the other. He appears to want you to believe that there is no such thing as an academic or scientist (aka: smart people) that is also a believer in creation. He seems to want the reader to buy into the notion that creationism (actually, the belief in God) is simply “religion” or “politics”, neither of which could be further from truth.

If this were just one example, just one paragraph in one article, then what’s the big deal, right? But it is not. Wissert has used the exact same verbiage above in his articles multiple times. Mainstream journalism today is rife with these kind of subtle messages, attempts at manipulating our minds against God. Maybe if the author can successfully trick enough people, then those unsuspecting people might become misled or at least apathetic and then their side wins the schoolbook battle. But we cannot, nor can our children, afford to fall prey to the war plan of the enemy – turning us from God because of journalistic manipulation.

Oh, what a tangled web.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.1 Peter 5:8

Many deceptions only appeal to us because there is something inside us that “wants” to believe them. They are seductive because of darkness and wrong motives in our own lives. We must search our hearts and root these out.Andrew Strom

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