Dog on a Leash

If you were a dog, would you rather be a dog on a leash, or unleashed? My first inclination is to say, “unleashed, of course!”. Who wouldn’t want to be unleashed, right?

Unleashed you would be free to run and play, chasing after the wind in whichever way it blows. But being on a leash… well, that sounds pretty restricting and controlled, doesn’t it? Nowhere near as fun. At least, for the short while anyway.

Some dogs are trained pretty well and require the freedom to let their nose lead them wherever it does. Dogs trained for tracking, hunting, rescue, drug detection, etc… require at times to be unleashed. But these dogs know their trainer and are very disciplined. When the job is done or when their trainer calls or whistles, they return to their master’s heel, surrendering their freedom for something more secure.

So, after further thought, I’m thinking that wearing a leash might be a better deal. My master might be holding me back, but it’s for my own good. Being the dumb dog that I am, I don’t really see the potential danger and calamity ahead. I might become lost, or hit by a car. Being a dumb dog with an attention-deficit-disorder (squirrel!), I certainly need the wisdom and focus of my master reining me in and directing me down the narrow and more fruitful path.

While my nature is to be wild and free and to chase after the next random smell, I truly do want to forever be with my master and to feel His pat on my back and to hear Him say “Good dog! Good dog!”. What a treat!

Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in obedience to him. You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours. Psalm 128:1-2

The Great Escape : A Film by Bob the Dog

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