Changed Lives

One of the most compelling intangible evidences of God is how drastically lives have been changed because of Him.

In the world today, there is ample evidence of changed lives through Jesus Christ. Statistical evidence has shown us over and over that people’s lives are better when they are followers of Christ. The rate of crime by Christian perpetrators is much lower than others. Also, recidivism rates for ex-convicts is also much higher than that of non-Christians. The tremendous outpouring of charity from Christian sources during times of catastrophe clearly has a positive impact worldwide. This of course is general evidence. But what of personal evidence.

The apostle Paul is a prime example of this. Paul was a paramount of virtue in the Jewish faith, well respected in all ways, and very active in his persecution of early Christians. Then, his personal experience with Jesus Christ turned him around 180 degrees. Paul had every earthly thing going for him and could look forward to a life of esteem and well-being. Yet his experience with Christ set him on a course opposite that life and promised nothing but hardship and pain, and ultimately death. And Paul was no dummy, either. He knew full well that his life would be difficult if he chose to follow Christ, yet he did so without once looking back. He suffered for his faith and love of Christ, and he died a martyr’s death defending His savior.

Eleven of the twelve apostles chosen by Christ (excepting John) died martyr’s deaths defending their Savior in like manner. All twelve apostles lived productive and somewhat protected lives until they became followers of Jesus. Following Jesus meant they would have to leave those productive and protected lives behind. They followed Him knowing their lives would be irrevocably changed. After Christ’s death and resurrection, they devoted their lives to spreading the word of Christ throughout the land, all the while knowing that they would not prosper, but rather suffer as a result. His influence on these men has spread through them and on to others ever since. As a result of these changed lives, Christianity is now worldwide.

For my own testimony, I’m not sure I can put into words the difference that God has made and continues to make in my own life. While I have always believed in God, I have not always followed after Him. When I was not following, my life steadily became worse and worse in all respects, and my heart became callous and empty. It wasn’t until I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life did I see any change. And the change I have seen since then has been incredible. I have enjoyed a life of tremendous blessing ever since the day I asked Him to save me from myself.

I know many people who have shared with me the same experience. These people are all sane and rational thinkers and quite aware of life around them. They are not mindless idiots following after some wacko with poision punch, either. This common experience is reported by many, many people. It is not mass-hysteria nor personal confusion. In the extreme majority of people I have known who are Christians, I have not seen evidence of these people being either “brain-washed” or blindly gullible, either. There seems to be a growing sentiment in this country that passes off Christianity as being a sad display of the unenlightened, mistaken and ultimately intellectually unwashed masses who follow “religion” like a moth follows a flame.

This type of thinking where the wholesale dismissal of people in this manner is strikingly similar to Nazi Germany, where Jews and others were thought of as lesser than the Aryan race. So, too are Christians thought lesser by the espoused non-believer.

There are many people who have started out believing that God does not exist, have set out to prove that He does not and in doing so have found a complete change of mind. One of these individuals is Lee Strobel.

Lee Strobel is the author of a number of Christian writings, including “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Faith”, both best-selling books on the topic of the existence of God. Lee is a former atheist, an award winning journalist with the Chicago Tribune, the former legal editor of the Chicago Tribune and has a Master of Studies degree from Yale Law School.

In his writing, Lee describes his original attempt to disprove the existence of God, the evidence he discovers from his investigation into the matter, and his ultimate conviction that God truly does exist. It would be difficult to find current non-fiction faith-based material that is more complete, compelling and convincing than Lee’s testimonials. In my opinion, for anyone who is serious about their quest for knowledge on the matter, these books are a must read.

Another author who made the same transformation in his life was C. S. Lewis. Lewis describes this transformation in his literary classic “Mere Christianity”, in my opinion one of the best books ever on understanding what Christian beliefs truly mean.

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4 Responses to Changed Lives

  1. Matt M says:

    Pretty interesting.
    This made me think of this video I watched:

    It’s about Brian Welch, the guitarist from KoRn, who’s life was off track. He was on drugs, he neglected his daughter for his band, and his wife died to drugs. After receiving Jesus his life completely changed.

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  2. Doyle says:

    Matt – that was awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that. This is a great testimonial, one that reminds me of the parable of the prodigal son. Brian Welch is right; God doesn’t care what we’ve done in the past, how we’ve messed up. He cares that we have come back to Him. What an awesome and loving God! And we all, not unlike Brian Welch, need his forgiveness and His love! Wonderful thoughts… thanks again for sharing!

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  3. Lindsey says:

    I really like this entry and the video was really good too!
    I like how you were able to tie in all the different examples of changed lives, including your own!

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  4. Doyle says:

    Thanks, Lindsey! I very much appreciate your positive comments. And I agree, the video about Brian Welch that Matt included with his comment was great!


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